Rapidly deployable reel-mounted booms that close off waterways and docks from potential waterborne threats in minutes

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Entanglement Security Boom

The 3 dimensional structure entangles the propellers of encroaching vessels, bringing them to a rapid stop.

Constructed from 8,000lbs breaking strain Dyneema® rope,  the boom is capable of jamming props of the most powerful motor boats.

Multiple rows of entanglement boom can be used to provide scalable protection from single to multiple threats.

A force multiplier allows a security vessel to deny access to 1,500’ of water.
Lengths of up to 1,500’ of this extremely lightweight security barrier is stored on an easily transportable  compact reel.
High visibility floats are positioned every 3’ providing a visible barrier
Personal Water Craft Fence
Drug runners, people smugglers and terrorists have all used personal water craft (PWC). They can be stopped using a catch fence.
Maritime Arresting Technologies solution is constructed from two 8,000lbs breaking strain ¼” Dyneema ropes combined with a nylon net to provide a system stop.
The fence stands 32” above the water and is capable of catching and enveloping a speeding PWC.
Each four foot section is supported by a  filament-wound epoxy tube, weighted at one end and kept afloat by a polyurethane float.
The fence lays flat when retrieved back onto its storage reel for compact storage.
When combined with the entanglement boom protection is provided against a vast range of potential threats.
Fuel and chemical spills are everyday problems that can be addressed by combining Maritime Arresting Technologies security booms with containment booms.  We work closely with Abasco of Humble Texas to provide a security system combined with protection of the environment.
The combined boom system offers environmental protection for fuel tankers and other ships as well as a security barrier against small boat and personal watercraft threats.